Denver Rescue Mission

Contact: Marc Wernli

Website: Denver Rescue Mission

Description: Changing Lives in the Name of Christ. The Denver Rescue Mission provides shelter, food, clothing, education, Christian teaching, and work discipline to meet individuals at their physical and spiritual points of need.  The Denver Rescue Mission is changing lives in the name of Christ by meeting people at their physical and spiritual points of need with the goal of returning them to society as productive, self-sufficient citizens.

Ministry Opportunities: Visit Denver Rescue Mission for current opportunities to volunteer including assisting at the clothing room, providing childcare, mentoring adults/children, tutoring adults/children, serving a meal, or helping at the clinic. A donation of $27.60 can feed 15 homeless people and offer the opportunity for rehabilitation and education to those seeking to change their lives.

Salvation Army

Contact: Marc Wernli

Website: Salvation Army USA

Description: The Salvation Army’s social service ministry seeks to meet human need in Christ’s name; to alleviate human suffering, and to promote wholeness by addressing the spiritual, social, emotional, psychological and physical well-being of those served.  Believing that caring is an expression of Christian love, it strives to empower people by helping those served assemble and discover choices. It bases its services on community needs, and works collaboratively with others in addressing those needs.

Ministry Opportunities: Volunteers are needed for various events, activities, and services in our community. SSCC is partnered locally with the Englewood Community Ministry Center operated at the Salvation Army Church at Arapahoe and Colorado.  This center provides youth services, adult program services, correctional services, emergency assistance, family counseling services, older adult services, and worship services.  For current opportunities to volunteer or donate contact Captain Nigel J. Cross, 303.779.9662.

Providence House Network

Contact: Church Office
Joe Cox, SSCC Contact; Theresa Weesner, Director of Development

Website: Providence House Network

Description: Since 1988, Providence Network has provided transformational housing programs that offer…shelter& food for the homeless; hope for addicts on the verge of self-destruction; safety for battered & abused women & children; skills for the under-educated; friendship for those who have none; unconditional love for many who have never experienced it; spiritual growth for all who seek peace & understanding …all within the context of a healthy community of live-in staff, mentors and peers.

Ministry Opportunities: Visit Providence House Network for current opportunities. Provide pre-made dinner for (around 20 people) Joy House, Prov I, II, or III. (Includes set-up, serving, dining with residents and clean-up). Provide refreshments for a Celebration Evening (drinks and dessert for 60). Babysit during an evening or weekend for a Joy House resident event. (Times TBD with House Director). Sponsor family birthday celebrations at Joy House.  Organize a diaper and/or canned food drive for Joy House families. Develop prayer groups to pray for residents & staff. Teach residents a skill like cooking, sewing, knitting, or budgeting/finance management to name a few. Adopt a room to paint and/or refurbish.  Always a need for new furniture (mattresses, desks, chairs, dressers), window coverings, shades, linens, and pillows. Become a mentor for a resident (requires interview, 1 hour individual training, and consistent time with resident). Very rewarding! Help Plan a resident or community event. Organize a linen or kitchen shower with your group. (A “wish list” will be provided.) For more information on current volunteer opportunities and specific donation needs, contact Ashley Camozzi, 303.860.8404, ext. 23.

Tennyson Center for Children at Colorado Christian Home

Contact: Church Office
Vee Tooley, SSCC Contact; Rod Witte, CEO of Colorado Christian Home

Website: www.childabuse.org

Description: For over 100 years, Tennyson Center has been changing lives and giving hope to children and families throughout the Rocky Mountain region. At Tennyson Center, children and families have a full spectrum of resources to help them gain insights, support and healing through a variety of programs including residential treatment, special education/day treatment, a special services unit for sub-acute and respite needs, and community-based family services.

Ministry Opportunities: Volunteers play a critical role in the care and treatment of the children at Tennyson Center.  As a volunteer, you can be a mentor for one child or spend time on a regular basis with a cottage or classroom.  Or you might be more interested in helping out around Tennyson Center in a different capacity.  To learn more about volunteering or to become a volunteer, plan on attending a Volunteer Training, which is held at Tennyson Center once every month.  You need to only attend one training.  See more on ways to help at ChildAbuse.org.

InterFaith Community Services

Contact: Church Office
Dick Master, Roxann Schappaugh – SSCC Contacts
(Annual backpack project in August – Todd Mc Pherson, Director of Development)

Website: InterFaith Community Services

Description: Inter-Faith Community Services provides basic human services and enrichment programs to low-income people using community resources. Inter-Faith fosters self-sufficiency and respects the dignity of each client. Inter-Faith serves the people of Centennial, Englewood, Glendale, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Lone Tree, Sheridan and unincorporated Arapahoe County.

Ministry Opportunities: A variety of one-time, short-term, and ongoing service opportunities are available through InterFaith. They are always looking for donors who like making a direct impact on their communities. There are several ways to help including collecting food, donating funds or advocating our mission in the community.  Visit InterFaith Community Services for current volunteering and giving opportunities.

North Littleton Promise

Contacts: Church Office
Gail Lotz, SSCC contact; Maureen Shannon, Director

Website: North Littleton Promise

Description: North Littleton Promise is a ministry committed to serving, reaching and blessing the children, youth and families in the Promise Park neighborhood of north Littleton. In the northeast part of Littleton, families are struggling to make it. Parents work two or three jobs and have little time or energy to give their children the opportunities most of us take for granted. For these elementary, middle, and high school kids, keeping up in school is difficult and many eventually drop out. Discouraged and seeking acceptance, many fall into teen parenthood, gang activity and minimum-wage jobs, all elements of generational poverty. A lack of spiritual orientation keeps the children trapped and hopeless. North Littleton Promise is providing a ray of hope for the kids in the Promise Park neighborhood. We work with the local community to offer various programs to help build character, academic potential and life-skill development.

Ministry Opportunities: SSCC North Littleton Promise Life Group meets Tuesday/Wednesday at 4:45 p.m.  Contact Group Leaders: Carol Cox and Gail Lotz.  The group meets at North Littleton Promise host church just off Littleton Blvd.  Cost of Material: cost of food you prepare if possible.  The main focus is to prepare a snack for the after school program.  There is a time of prayer and monthly or bi-monthly fellowships.  Goal is to serve every other week.  We now prepare Tuesday snack but would like to extend to two Wednesdays a month.

Maureen, the Director of North Littleton Promise has offered SSCC an opportunity to help at NLP on Thursdays from 4 to 6 pm. This is 8 Thursdays  starting June 9th until July 28th. She needs 6 to 8 adults to lead their summer enrichment time on Thursdays. We would be helping design and run a program for 2nd graders up to middle schoolers. If this interests you or if you need more info, contact the church office.

Other opportunities include mentoring an at-risk youth (training is provided). Help out with the weekly Kid’s Club by preparing/serving a meal and serving the children who attend.  North Littleton Promise is also looking for soccer coaches to work with a boy’s soccer team in a community soccer team. See more at info on how you can help at North Littleton Promise.

Wings for Life International

Contact: Church Office

Sally Cline-Beerman, SSCC Contact

Website: Wings for Life International

Description: Transforming lives to break the generational cycle of incarceration. The goal of the Wings Ministry is to connect spouses, caregivers, and children of prisoners with the nurturing and supporting relationships of Christian people in local churches.

Ministry Opportunities: Contact Sally via the church office for specific details regarding ministry opportunities.


Blanket Fund

Donation to Women’s Ministry from Outreach (2X)